Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dead Moon, Black September
Cramps, Hipsville 29 b.c.
Waldos, Flight
Texas Instruments, Prussian blue
Forge, I got a right
Dream Syndicate, Then she remembers
Pagans, Not now no way
Damned, Melody Lee
Replacements, Stuck in the middle
David Bowie, Watch that man
Swingin' Neckbreakers, Struttin'
Rip-Offs, Cops
Teengenerate, Sorry bout that
Mott the Hoople, Walkin' with a mountain
Vacant Lot, How do you catch a girl?
Dragons, Painkiller
Kidnappers, Hey hey hey
Hellbenders, Somebody else
AC/DC, Night of the long knives
Jay Reatard, Fading all away
New York Dolls, Human being
Iggy and the Stooges, Death trip
Jimi Hendrix Experience, Little miss strange
Everly Brothers, I'm not angry
Jerry Lee Lewis, Your cheatin' heart
Devil Dogs, Action
Devil Dogs, Ball me out
Vikings, First time
Detroit Cobras, He did it
Undertones, What's with Terry?
Graham Parker, Local girls
Sex Pistols, Silly thing
Epoxies, Bathroom stall
Problematics, Tell me
Germs, Circle one
Didjits, Long lone ranger
Henry Fiat's Open Sore, 1,2,4,5...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cramps, Beautiful gardens
Bassholes, I'm gonna write myself a letter
Seeds, Evil hoodoo
Bobby Fuller 4, Another sad and lonely night
Mummies, Ballad of iron eyes cody
Texas Instruments, A hard rains a gonna fall
MC5, Skunk(sonically speaking)
Nine Pound Hammer, Oh that's good; no that's bad
Waldos, Love that kills
Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ju ju hand
Come-ons, Rip her to shreds
Flakes, Bip bam boom
Demonics, Jesus chrysler super stock
Johnnies, King of the meat
Johnnies, She's been around
Gary Numan + Tubeway Army, You are in my vision
Die Kruezen, There's a place
Killing Joke, Tension
Mike Hudson, Anything
Green River, Queen bitch
Fluid, Pretty mouse
Eleventh Dream Day, Bagdads last ride
Screaming Trees, Where the twain shall meet
X, White girl
King Khan And BBQ, I'll never belong
Kids, Baby that's alright
Dirtys, You should be sinnin'
Jeff Dahl Group, I'm in love with the GTO's
Jay Reatard, Fading all away
Black Sunday, Modulated simulated
AC/DC, Flick of the switch
Megadeth, Devils Island
Motorhead, No class

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Damned, Smash it up
Leaving Trains, Violent sex
Leaving Trains, Welcome to New York
Alice Cooper, You drive me nervous
Saints, L.I.E.S.
Black Sunday, Next girl detour
Redd Kross, Ballad of a love doll
Sylvain Sylvain, Emily
Ramones, I love you
Radio Reelers, I got that feelin'
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Motor city rock and roll
Kowalskis, Detroit 442
Spaceshits, Can't fool with me
Screaming Jay Hawkins, Person to person
King Khan and BBQ Show, The ballad of...
A.O.D., A.O.D. vs. the Son of Godzilla
Bad Brains, Banned in D.C.
Crime, Hotwire my heart
Fear, Welcome to the dust ward
Angry Samoans, Not of this earth
Pirate Love, Midnight song
Spits, Don't shoot
Big Black, The model
Sonic Barrels, Ring my bell
Jay Reatard, Waiting for something
X, Universal corner
Cramps, Green fuzz
Kidnappers, Spanish girls
Cynics, What you get
Swinging Neckbreakers, Struttin'
Thee Mighty Caesars, Career opportunities
Zeke, Donde esta
Hanoi Rocks, Problem child
Hanoi Rocks, Dead by X-mas
Motley Crue, Public enemy #1
Briefs, C'mon squash me like a bug
Devo, Uncontrollable urge
Beards, I am always touched by your presence dear
Brian Eno, Here come the warm jets
TSOL, All along the watchtower
Secrets, Teenage rampage
69 Eyes, Call me animal
Brad Shepherd, Alex Chilton
Replacements, God damn job
Joe Jackson, I'm the man
XTC, Radios in motion
English Beat, Mirror in the bathroom
B-52's, Downtown
Stray Cats, Gene and Eddie
Screaming Jay Hawkins, Little demon
Who, Pictures of Lily
Love, Alone again or
King Khan and BBQ Show, I'll never belong
Dirtbombs, I'm qualified to satisfy you
X, Beyond and back
Nikki Corvette, Day by day
Jerry Lee Lewis, Lucky old sun
Black Lips, Ain't no deal
Tonio K, Hatred
Fluid, Black glove
Screaming Trees, Windows
Eleventh Dream Day, Between here and there
Dream Syndicate, Halloween
Johnny Cash/Nick Cave, I'm so lonesome I could cry
God Bullies, Creepy people
God Bullies, Act of desire
Jay Reatard, Waiting for something
Reatards, Ollie Vee
Solace, World war
Flat Duo Jets, The lonesome road
Hellacopters, 16 with a bullet
Dead Kennedys, Chemical warfare
Raunch Hands, Your fat freind
Problematics, Punk girl

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Heartbreakers, One track mind
M99, Pirate love
All Tomorrows Party, Fever
Flamin' Groovies, You tore me down
Mudhoney, Let it slide
Rubber City Rebels, Pierce my brain
Sonny Vincent and his Rat Race Choir, Down on me
Bags, We will bury you
Adolescents, Kids of the black hole
Sonic Love Affair, Reverberation
Alice Cooper, Yeah yeah yeah
Malcolm Tent, Jersey south
TSOL, All along the watchtower
Link Wray, Please please me
Everly Brothers, I'm not angry
Laughing Hyenas, Here we go again
Gary Numan and Tubeway Army, Are friends electric?
Screaming Trees, Windows
Dramarama, Spare change
Ramones, Swallow my pride
Hives, Here we go again
New Bomb Turks, End of the great credibility race
Zeros, Wild weekend
BBQ, Tie your noose
Little Killers, Annie can you keep a secret?
DMZ, Mighty Idy
Sex Pistols, Lonely boy
Nikki and the Corvettes, Summertime fun
Hard-Ons, Radio
Sylvain Sylvain, Rockin' good time
Replacements, Kids don't follow
Black Lips, Down and out
Black Lips, Steps
Raunch Hands, I need adventure
Epoxies, We're all clones
Rapeman, Steak and black onions
Die Kruezen, Uncontrolled passion
Lords of the New Church, New church
Solace, Rumble
Chesterfield Kings, I'm not talkin'
Reigning Sound, Your love is a fine thing
Cynics, Doin' me in
Ricky Nelson, Stood up
Hard Feelings, Leave me alone
Mooney Suzuki, Shake that bush again
Flakes, Bip bam boom
Gories, Early in the morning
Pleasure Seekers, What a way to die
Candy Snatchers, I wanna be your boyfriend
Little Killers, You got it made
Leg Hounds, Prisoner of love
Loose Lips, Doll face
Superchunk, Punch me harder
Thee Fine Lines, You're for me
Kiss, Let me go rock and roll
Hookers, Rock bottom
Glucifer, Remedy
Antiseen, All the lessons
Ozzy Osbourne, Steal away the night
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Future lost
Swell Maps, International rescue
Seger Liberation Army, Heavy music
Roky Erickson, I can't be brought down
Johnny Burnette, Please don't leave me
Trash Brats, 3rd generation nation
Exploding Hearts, Your shadow
New Town Animals, Baby you're the reason
Inversions, Hung by the phone
Rocket From the Crypt, On the prowl
Poison Idea, Ugly american
Shop Fronts, Just don't quit
Gizmos, Mean screen
Weaklings, Learn how to dance
Reatards, Listen to my heart
Bloody Hollies, Downtown revolver
Short Fuses, Beneath the city of the guitar vixens
New Bomb Turks, Eyes of satan
Zeros, Getting nowhere fast
Replacements, Treatment bound

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Radio Birdman, More fun
Blondie, In the sun
Last, Every summer day
Demonics, Ritual on the beach
Andy G and the Roller Kings, Summertime girls
Undertones, Under the boardwalk
Zodiac Killers, Radiation beach
Dirtbombs, Sun is shining
Dictators, Baby let's twist
Zeros, She's just a girl on the block
Ramones, Baby, I love you
Swinging Neckbreakers, Struttin'
Flamin' Groovies, Yeah my baby
New York Dolls, Who are the mystery girls
Pretenders, Bad boys get spanked
Soledad Brothers, Downtown paranoia blues
X, Delinquent cars
Greenhornes, It's not real
Ricky Nelson, It's late
Bobby Fuller Four, Never to be forgotten
Sandy Nelson, A rockin' party
Jam, In the city
Jam, Sounds from the street
Husker Du, Flip your wig
Sweet J.A.P., Oh my pretty face
Motorhead, Deaf forever
Black Flag, Now she's black
Screaming Trees, Night comes creeping
Flaming Sideburns, Sugar ain't that sweet
Opal, Relevation
Vikings, High time
Devil Dogs, I can't get enough
Trash Brats, 3873 marlborough st.
Hellacopters, Television addict
Candy Snatchers, Such a fool
Prostitutes, Derelict/Degenerate
Firestarter, It's too late